The Baltic Sea remains one of the most complex regions that the U.S. and NATO are obligated to defend, with Russia posing the only substantial threat to peace and stability. The impact of Russia’s growing presence in Belarus, the evolving global pandemic, the outcome of U.S. elections, and NATO’s ongoing period of reflection will cause ripples for Baltic Security. Finland, Sweden, and the U.S. share a focus on the security and stability of the Baltic Sea region. Already close partners, Sweden and Finland have sought ways to strengthen the security relationship with the U.S., including signing a Trilateral Agreement in May 2018.

Finland and Sweden have recently signaled significant increases in defense investment and continue to cooperate closely with NATO as “enhanced opportunity partners.” Join us for a discussion on Finland and Sweden’s ongoing role in Baltic Sea security, what the new defense investments are and what they mean, and why partnership with the U.S. and NATO should continue to be strengthened.


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