Adam White and Jace Lington chat with NYU Law Professor Richard Epstein and Meta Oversight Board Member John Samples about the debate surrounding whether and how to regulate Big Tech companies. They discuss Epstein and Samples’ recent papers, published as part of the Digital Platforms and American Life project at the American Enterprise Institute, and think about content moderation decisions in light of the disagreements surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Should Platforms Be Treated as Common Carriers? It Depends. (AEI, 2022)

Social Media and the Appearance of Corruption (AEI 2022)

The ‘Common Carrier’ Solution to Social-Media Censorship (WSJ 2021)

Bargaining for Free Speech: Common Carriage, Network Neutrality, and Section 230 (Yale Journal of Law & Technology 2020)

Reasonableness as Censorship: Algorithmic Content Moderation, The First Amendment, and Section 230 Reform (Florida Law Review 2021)

Defending the Indispensable: Allegations of Anti-Conservative Bias, Deep Fakes, and Extremist Content Don’t Justify Section 230 Reform (Gray Center 2020)

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