America’s most trusted pundits –that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz– return and just in the nick of time. This week, they discuss imploding anchors Brian Williams and Steve Kroft, marvel at the success of  American Sniper, riff on the virtues (and possible downsides) of method acting, blows the lid off baby poop, and make their Oscar predictions. Will it be Boyhood or Birdman? You gotta tune in to find out.

Stay classy, EJHill.

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There are 15 comments.

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  1. user_339092 Member

    Am I misremembering something or did not Michael Moriarty use to contribute to Ricochet?

    I know he use to write pieces for Brietbart.

    • #1
  2. user_494971 Contributor

    I’m glad to hear Brian William’s rap at the end. Honest truth, I didn’t know who he was until that gag happened.

    • #2
  3. Son of Spengler Contributor
    Son of Spengler

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who developed a visceral hatred for the president this week.

    • #3
  4. Mark Krikorian Contributor
    Mark Krikorian

    It’s anchors aweigh.

    • #4
  5. EJHill Podcaster

    Mark Krikorian: It’s anchors aweigh.

    Different movie.

    Anchors Aweigh

    • #5
  6. Concretevol Thatcher

    Great podcast guys, made my travels much more enjoyable this week. Like Son of Spangler, the takeaway for me was the shared extreme dislike of Obama after this week. His comments have been disgusting.

    • #6
  7. coniston Member

    great podcast…but just for the record ..Roy Scheider told me this version of the Dustin Hoffman story in 1976 when working on The Sorcerer....

    Marathon Man set: Olivier was ill (some degenerative nerve? disease- hey it’s been 35+ years) and had spent months of the previous year in hospital. (Thankfully he lasted another 15 years, though often ill) He couldn’t make the trip back and forth to his dressing room and had a chair that he would sit in in between takes. They were doing a very very long master (3 or 4 minutes) and the first several takes were stopped by camera or other technical hitches…couple of more takes and still nothing to print. Finally they get a good take going but a just a few seconds before the end of the scene – at it’s climax – Dustin calls “Cut cut, I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it. “ This is when Olivier, a bit fatigued, said wryly “My dear boy, it’s in moments like this when you act”. Olivier could be vain and self centred but he was almost never mean. At least the way that Roy told the story, it was not a put down. Far gentler than that.

    I am fairly confident that the above is accurate…What I can’t remember if what happened next was what Roy told me or got subbed for by the 8 zillion variations of the story I have heard over the years. Either Dustin went off in a huff and confirmed what many on the crew had inklings of: that he could be a first class jerk…or He he acted like a mensch and realised that Olivier had a point – actors should never call cut, it was a master and it would be most likely covered in close up, and and if he were to feel anything it should have been a bit for his fellow actor who was not well and had a limited amount of energy…

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  8. kylez Member

    Concretevol:Great podcast guys, made my travels much more enjoyable this week.Like Son of Spangler, the takeaway for me was the shared extreme dislike of Obama after this week.His comments have been disgusting.

    The only reason I ever know he says anything is because people are talking about/outraged by it.

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  9. profdlp Inactive

    I guess I hated Obama before hating Obama was cool.  I hope that doesn’t make me a hipster or something.

    • #9
  10. BuckeyeSam Inactive

    I didn’t get around to the podcast till this morning.

    I found the jabs at 60 Minutes and its hosts to be very amusing. Sad to say, that a day or two later Bob Simon died in a car crash.

    Thanks for the inside dope on Michael Moriarity and his departure from Law & Order. And here all these years I thought he just couldn’t handle seeing one of his witnesses (Allison Janney) get knocked off by the Russian mob.

    • #10
  11. ladwil Member

    Great podcast – thank you!  Brought back memories. I had the pleasure of sitting through my college’s  three hour commencement ceremony during which an honorary doctorate was awarded to Dan Rather. There he was in all his glory being honored just a few months after his fallacies had been brought to light – and my liberal colleagues thought this was just great.

    • #11
  12. Ricochet Inactive

    My dog loves it when there is a new GLoP pod – it means it’s time for an hour long walk.

    • #12
  13. Ricochet Member

    I misheard Jonah and thought he said Obama referred to the “brainiacs” at “Fox” and was rather surprised.

    • #13
  14. thebeekeeperkissedme Inactive

    I love John’s live reading of the Harry’s spot. Not for the stumbling and making it up quality as he read the copy, but the imagined chuckling by Rob and Jonah with mics on mute, silence while he found his way through to the end of the reading.

    • #14
  15. user_1065645 Contributor

    1. His “folks in a deli” comment gave every Jew worldwide a window into his antisemitic soul.

    2. The word “hatred” is usually too strong when just discussing a President. Disgust, disdain, contempt… sure… but hatred? Unfortunately, yes. This podcast reflected what I’m now hearing from friends… genuine vitriol for him, his administration, his State dept. spokes-holes, and every sycophant apologist who defends him.

    It’s not a good feeling, nor probably healthy… but it’s real.

    • #15
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