Dave had the opportunity to talk with Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie during a recent press event where Wilkie mentioned that the VA had “turned a corner” in the last couple of years. Since large bureaucracies are not typically suited to a sharp change in direction, Dave thought to inquire more on the topic and the result was a fascinating exchange that we think you’ll find interesting indeed.

Then, continuing his series of compelling interviews with Ricochet Members, Dave talked with member Lilly B. about her recent post, “Little Crazy Children,” in which Lilly compares rampant charges of racism with the rampant accusations of witchcraft in Salem in the late 1600s. The similarities are (pardon the pun) arresting, as are Lilly’s thoughts on the current madness and the prospects for a peaceful resumption of civic life.  All of which make for a thought provoking and informative show, which we’re sure you will enjoy.

Finally, if you’re listening to Dave’s show, but you’re not a Ricochet member, there is a way you can get a 30 day free trial membership . Tune in to learn more!

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  1. Arahant Member

    Another good show, Dave. It’s fun to hear Miss Lilly’s voice.

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  2. Robert E. Lee Member
    Robert E. Lee

    Mr. Wilkie sure do talk pretty, don’t he? Almost makes a body forget how bad VA care is.

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  3. JennaStocker Member

    “Bureaucratic sclerosis” Perfect.

    Another informative show. Well done! @LillyB did a great job!

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  4. Dave Carter Podcaster
    Dave Carter

    JennaStocker (View Comment):

    “Bureaucratic sclerosis” Perfect.

    Another informative show. Well done! @LillyB did a great job!

    Thanks! She was superb! 

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