Our own Dave Carter sits down this week with Dr. Rob Tibbitts, who is a local pastor and disaster relief coordinator in Vinton, Louisiana, a town which has been devastated by two major floods within the last 18 months.  Dr. Tibbitts is also Dave’s brother in-law, and Dave describes the conversation as being, “in equal parts, heartbreaking and uplifting,” adding, “It’s a story about people of meager means who were dealt a harsh blow 18 months ago; who received loans from the federal government to rebuild their homes in the aftermath of a ‘500 year flood,’ and who’v seen their houses destroyed yet again leaving them with a mortgage, a home loan, and no apparent means of rebuilding.” Along the way, Rob explains the herculean relief efforts currently underway, the charities and organizations making an importance difference for the better, and why the Red Cross is persona non grata.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Thanks for bringing out this part of the larger story, Dave and Rev. Dr. T.

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  2. JoelB Member

    This podcast was truly inspirational.

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