This week Dave sits down with a gentleman whose family came to America on a tourist visa from Kiev, Ukraine in 1987 when he was a young boy. A Jewish family, they promptly applied for political asylum. Thirty-one years later, that young boy owns four Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair businesses. Dave describes Lenny as “scary smart,” and confessed to providing Lenny with some scotch at the outset of the interview, “hoping that he might slow down a bit so I could keep up — not a chance.”  Oh yes, and Lenny is Dave’s new employer and the first one he’s bragged on in quite some time. The conversation goes all the way from Ukraine’s history with respect to its Jewish population to the value of education, and includes a healthy dose of watch repair and business talk as well. It’s a fascinating exchange.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Interesting interview. It sounds more like a Group Monkey Dance problem than anything the Jews have ever done. Don’t blame the Jews. They are just outsiders, which means they get blamed for everything.

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  2. Mim526 Member

    Catching up on podcasts, and really enjoyed this one.  Sounds like a gem of an employer.

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