The story goes as follows: So this guy walks into an episode of Radio Deplorable, and the next thing you know he’s laughing at the antics of the host, having fun and getting into the spirit of the place. Sound familiar? It is, except this time the guest is Ricochet’s former Editor in Chief, and the host of the Law Talk podcast, Troy Senik who serves up a happy hour’s worth of laughs as well. The conversation is a sort of sight-seeing expedition as we go from Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s wedding reception to New York City traffic before taking a private tour of the Manhattan Institute where Troy now serves as the Vice President for Policy and Programs. Before it’s over, we’re touring New Orleans and Las Vegas, wondering if one of Troy’s jokes will catch Dave mid-sip and cause him to spew his drink on the equipment, all before we decide on the best career route for the aspiring pundit. It’s a face-paced romp over interesting terrain and one you’ll probably want to hear more than once (the boys are already talking about doing this again).

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  1. Blondie Thatcher

    Thanks for having Troy on, Dave. Sure do miss him ‘round these parts. There was one point in the podcast I thought you guys had switched roles with Troy asking you the questions. I’m going to have Troy overload by the end of the day. I had just finished with The Classicist when your podcast dropped and have a new Law Talk waiting. 

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  2. Arahant Member

    Great show, gents.

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  3. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    That was a wonderful discussion.

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  4. Dave Carter Podcaster
    Dave Carter

    Thanks folks!  Always a pleasure to chat and laugh with Troy Senik!! 

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  5. Vectorman Inactive

    Arahant (View Comment):

    I’ll add him to my Ricochet Media Page:

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  6. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    I consider Troy’s ability to moderate Law Talk is a phenomenal talent!

    On this podcast, I very much enjoyed that Troy did on occasion turn the tables and become the interviewer.

    Actually, I think an interview of Dave by Troy would be very entertaining. I’d like to hear most about his rarely described days as a radio talk host, and (just because the topic fascinates me), his path into and through truck driving. I’d also like to hear more about the issues that drive (so to speak) the transportation industry, given how much transportation and logistics influences meeting our consumer expectations of quick delivery of anything from anywhere.

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  7. colleenb Member

    @fullsizetabby:  Hear, hear.  Let’s have Troy interview Dave.  Excellent suggestion.

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