“When someone as interesting and entertaining as James Lileks starts talking,” as Dave Carter said, “it’s really best to just hush up and listen.” Which is precisely what the host did this week, as he invited Star Tribune columnist, author, and Ricochet’s own James Lileks onto the program to talk about everything from Coronavirus, to writing, along with side trips to 1970s fashion trends and 1950s commercial air travel, and – as the Ricochet Podcast closes in on its 500th episode – what it is that keeps James coming back for more podcasts with Peter Robinson and Rob Long.

Then Dave talks with longtime Ricochet Member George Daelemans (a.k.a. GLDIII), about his work as an aerospace engineer, restorer of cars, and veteran of a great many Ricochet meet ups. There is also a rather interesting connection between Dave, George, and his wife, but you’ll have to listen in to learn that one.  There are lots of laughs and a veritable treasure of fascinating information to be had on this episode, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the services.

Finally, if you’re listening to Dave’s show, but you’re not a Ricochet member, there is a way you can get a 30 day free trial membership . Tune in to learn more!

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  1. Arahant Member


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  2. Arahant Member

    Arahant (View Comment):


    I had to make sure it wasn’t @rightangles.

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  3. Arahant Member

    I could hear the typos as @gldiii was speaking.

    More seriously, that was a great segment and a wonderful show overall. Like the Lileks, too.

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  4. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    The main podcast absolutely wouldn’t be the same without Lileks. In addition to the radio discipline and buttery segueways, James grounds conversations in clear sense and yet adds a touch of poetry. 

    I feel like I must have learned something from George at the Nashville meetup, even if it was locked away five minutes after I heard it. It would be great to meet y’all again sometime. Do the Memphis gangs cater?

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