Avi Issacharoff returns for an urgent update on overnight developments and their implications. Avi has been an analyst and journalist for The Times of Israel, Walla, and Haaretz. In these roles, he reported extensively on the inner workings and leaders of Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza and the West Bank — Avi has extensive networks in the Israeli security services and the Palestinian Territories. He is also the co-creator and writer of the Netflix original series “Fauda”, and other television series for Netflix and Showtime. A fluent Arabic speaker, Avi was also the Middle East Affairs correspondent for Israeli Public Radio, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Iraq, and the Arab world between the years 2003-2006. In 2004, together with Haaretz’s Amos Harel, he authored the book “The Seventh War – How we won and why we lost the war with the Palestinians.” In 2008, they co-wrote “34 Days – The Story of the Second Lebanon War”. Born in Jerusalem, he graduated cum laude from Ben Gurion University with a B.A. in Middle Eastern studies. He then earned his M.A. from Tel Aviv University on the same subject, also cum laude.

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  1. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    It is interesting that the interviewee is of the opinion that it is the fault of Netanyahu, but not the fault of those who protested against his proposed reforms.  Netanyahu did not intentionally weaken the military readiness of Israel, it was the protestors who decided to weaken the country by refusing military responsibilities. 

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