Is now the time for Israeli decision-makers to begin serious internal deliberations and planning for the “day after” in Gaza? According to Nadav Eyal in his column last Friday in Yediot, over 95% of Hamas rockets are gone, Hamas’s smuggling routes have been closed, and its munitions production capacity is zero. Is progress in defeating Hamas appears much better than one would think from reading popular press accounts?

It’s against that backdrop that we’ve learned of a 28-page document — this is not publica — and is circulating among Israeli military leaders and war strategy decision-makers within the government. Some we spoke to suggested that this document is being treated as the basis for ‘day after’ planning in the government. It’s called: “From a murderous regime to a moderate society: the transformation and rehabilitation of Gaza after Hamas”. The researchers are Prof. Danny Auerbach, a military historian; Prof. Neta Barak-Koran, a law professor who works on conflict resolution; Dr. Nati Palmer who works on intelligence about Hamas and Hezbollah; and Dr. Harel Horev, an expert on Palestinian society.

To help us understand these recommendations, we are joined today by one of its authors, Prof. Netta Barak-Corren, who is a legal scholar with degrees from the Hebrew University (where she is a professor). She clerked for the Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court, and then pursued doctoral studies at Harvard, graduating in 2016. She currently is on leave from Hebrew University, while she’s visiting faculty at Princeton. She’s previously taught at University of Pennsylvania and University of Chicago.

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