Haviv Rettig Gur returns for our weekly conversation from Israel to provide real-time reporting and analysis on the war, and invaluable historical context. We wanted to check in with Haviv, who is the political analyst at The Times of Israel, where was also a long time reporter. He’s also working on a book. Haviv was also a combat medic in the IDF where he served in the reserves.

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  1. Quintus Sertorius Coolidge
    Quintus Sertorius

    Another excellent podcast….I sure wish The Wall Street Journal’s What’s News Podcast would listen to your interviews….as well as Barrack Obama and the rest of our media and several historians….there are a few on this site that could stand to listen to these interviews……


    Thanks so very much 

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  2. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Very interesting explanation of the new approach to tactics and strategies necessary for Israel to survive. Is the new woke generation suicidal in their wokeness?  Will they refuse to undertake this rational approach to their situation?  This is a test case for western society as a whole.  The complete and total eviceration of American military power in Afghanistan shows the spirit of wokeness , which pervades the youth, is also held by many now in power.  And they are ready for collapse and surrender to whatever forces show up for the capitulation. 

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