Dr. John Moser meet with Derek Abbey, President & CEO of Project Recover, a non-profit organization that searches for still-missing American service members around the world. Focused traditionally on the Palau islands and lost airmen from World War 2, Project Recover has expanded operations over the last 30 years to include efforts in Vietnam, elsewhere in the Pacific, and even at sites in the Atlantic.

Over 80,000 Americans are still missing and unaccounted for from our many wars, with about 3/4 of that number from World War 2 alone – and most of that number from among those who fought in the Pacific. Sadly, although America moved on after 1945, the families of so many of those missing did not, and some of them still have not. Project Recover, working closely with State Department and Defense Department efforts, carries the torch, in search of closure for those who never had a body to bury, or a grave at which to mourn a lost loved one.

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Learn more about Project Recover and their good work: https://www.projectrecover.org/

Find out more about their recent documentary, “To What Remains” – https://www.projectrecover.org/film-to-what-remains/

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