As businesses and schools across the country close because of the coronavirus, Americans are starting to realize just how economically dependent we are on China. With a vast majority of our essential and generic drugs running through the country, it’s time for Americans to reevaluate the US-China trade relationship.

Derek Scissors joined Dany and Marc to explain how America became so reliant on China and what we should do to decouple our economies moving forward. They also discuss the long-term economic impact of the coronavirus and why we can expect to see more viruses emerging out of China if the US doesn’t change its approach.

Scissors is a resident scholar at AEI, where he focuses on the Chinese and Indian economies and on US economic relations with Asia. He is concurrently chief economist of the China Beige Book and is the author of the China Global Investment Tracker. He has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a doctorate from Stanford University.

Download the transcript here.


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