Rob looks into the cutting edge world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens — a way to create unique digital assets that can be bought and sold) and wonders if it may open up a new revenue stream for a certain podcast.


In this Martini Shot Classic episode, Rob exhorts his fellow writers not to dwell in cynicism and self doubt about their new projects, but rather think of them in terms of wonder, enthusiasm, excitement, curiosity, gratitude, joy, and adventure. Strong advice — if only he could convince himself to take it.


No, we’re not going to tell you what the word in the title of this episode means. But it is revealed within. Other things revealed in this episode: weird injuries from benign objects that befell men as they get older, what if they held an Oscars® and nobody cared, Hollywood producer Scott Rudin is revealed to be a bad boss even though they made a movie about it 30 years ago, we defend iconic Simpsons character Apu from that sap Hank Azaria who voices him, the now obligatory joke designed to offend at least someone, and we propose re-making the last season of Game of Thrones. Because why not?

Rob Long returns this week – meaning we’re back to business. We’re joined by Harmeet Dhillon to discuss her upcoming legal battle with Twitter, representing James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, along with the many she’s fought over the last year against Gavin Newsom. Then we’ve got Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies to discuss the latest developments on our border crisis. Also, James gives us the rundown on his beloved, yet troubled Minneapolis and a few more thoughts on the British Monarchy on the passing of Prince Phillip.

Music from this week’s episode: Across the Border  by Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris

Rob explains how studios exercise control over writers through cash flow and why often the sweetest words a writer can hear from the studio are “what’s your tax ID number?”


Rob explains how to master the fine art of telling an off color joke.


This week, we start in California, which is the subject of two piece published by The Founders in the current issue of National Review. Then, all the way from South Africa, COVID sceptic Nick Hudson, CEO of PANDA, a collective of leading scientists, actuaries, economists, data scientists, statisticians, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers and businesspeople working as a collective to replace bad science with good science.  Hudson and his group have done real research on lockdowns, their effectiveness and the various policies put in place around the world to mitigate COVID. Then, our old friend Tevi Troy joins to talk about Presidents, the coming financial crisis, electric cars, and more. Finally, we wrap up with some impressions of the ongoing Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis from someone who lives there.

Music from this week’s episode: Behind the Wall of Sleep by The Smithereens 

Rob explains why it is sometimes necessary to laugh even if a joke isn’t funny and the striking similarities of a pre-school parent’s event and a Hollywood sitcom writer’s room.


The mighty men of GLoP are back just in time to satisfy their contractual obligation to release two episodes per month and to pundit on a host of topics, including why we need more stars and what to do about it, the streaming wars are exhausting, debuting their new game Strange Bedfellows (give us some of yours in the comments), and a GLoP Deep Dive® on the Snyder Cut version of Justice League.  You wanted pop culture? You’ve got it.

This week, Rob coaches an actor on how to read lines like a star and reveals the secret to playing a drunk.


We’re late –really late– so we’re going to make this brief: we’ve got our old friend Mickey Kaus to talk about Biden’s immigration policy, California politics, and other assorted ephemera, and we’ve got Mary Eberstadt on her book Primal Screams:How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity PoliticsWe also punditize (yes, we just invented that word) Biden’s press conference, and debate what city would be better to move to: San Francisco or New York.  Finally, what does “Zoom, Duck, Milkshake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch” mean? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Music from this week’s show: Illegal Alien by Genesis

Rob Long riffs on the many euphemisms Hollywood uses to say “you’re fired,” and reveals his slightly cynical retirement plan.


This week, in an unparalleled act of commitment, we persisted and Naomi Wolf is our guest this week. It’s a fascinating, surprising, and yes, hopeful conversation and we’re very grateful she agreed to join us. But see what you think. Then, the delightful Deb Saunders –on hiatus from covering the White House– joins us to talk about how the current White House is covered vs. the last one and the differences between covering the two. Also fascinating if less surprising.  Also, Rob Long shares his name with someone more famous than him (for the the time being), James updates us on his SQUIRREL! issues, and Peter is wants more productivity in his life.  We’ll try and get to that soon.

Music from this week’s show: Will The Wolf Survive? by Los Lobos

Rob discovers he got COVID for Christmas, and finds himself living in a Hitchcock film — in his head.


Rob is re-reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” but it’s not working out so well.


Late at night when I’m bored and distracted, I usually kill a few hours by…


This week, Ricochet editor and podcaster to the stars Troy Senik stops by to talk about his new venture, Kite and Key Media, which produces explainers about issues in the news. So you could argue that this show is an explainer about explainers, but we are not going to be that meta. We also delve into the news of the day, including good governors and bad, what the heck is going on with President Biden, and some speculation on where the Republican party and the Conservative movement might be headed. Yes, we were supposed to have another guest this week, but that didn’t work out (maybe next week), so thanks to Troy for hanging out with us. Please return the favor by frequenting his new site?

Music from this week’s show: For The Benefit of Mr. Kite by The Beatles

It’s a new month and that means a new GLoP. They eschew all of the obvious cultural issues in the news (despite some prodding from outside parties, ahem) and concentrate on –not kidding– Mickey Rooney, robot babies, the problem with private schools, Gone With The Wind, Tropic Thunder, and some gossip from down south.

He’s been talking about it for months now, so we’re thrilled to finally be presenting Rob Long’s Martini Shot. You can expect new ones on a regular basis going forward, and if you subscribe, there are a slew of classic episodes hand picked by Rob waiting for you. But enough marketing talk — on with the first one….

People come out to LA in waves, and those who come out at roughly the same time end up knowing each other…

We know, we know: we just put out a GLoP a few days ago. But with Rob in Africa, Jonah trapped in Austin, and John wrapped up in selling merch, we were not able to pull one together earlier in an already short month, so we spent our Sunday morning creating premium content for you. Just some of the topics covered in this GLoP for the ages: the worst Jewish characters in movies, a look a the trials and tribulations of Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Fauci, we defend some maligned movies (h/t @jameslileks), and whatever you do, do not skip through the second spot. That’s all we’ll say about that.