On today’s podcast we talk about how the media is scrambling to protect Elizabeth Warren from having to admit she’s going to raise middle class taxes, how Joe Biden is horrible at managing his campaign cash, how Democrats ran out of the White House because President Trump was critical of Nancy Pelosi, and how MSNBC’s “Republican” host has a history of drooling over Democrats running for president.

Elizabeth Warren really, really does not want to discuss how her socialized medicine plan will impact middle class taxes, and her protectors in the media don’t want her to discuss it either. So much so that they’re condemning journalists for asking the question in the first place. It’s insane, but hardly surprising.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s campaign is spiraling downward. He has less cash on hand than 3 other campaigns and spent almost a million dollars in the last 3 months on private jets. Makes you wonder if he even wants to be president. We get into all of it.

Democrats stormed out of the White House yesterday after President Trump called Nancy Pelosi a “third-rate politician.” After 3 years of calling the President “Hitler,” a Nazi, a traitor, a puppet of Russia, and every other name you can think of, him returning a tiny dose of what they throw at him sent Pelosi running for the hills. She’s so strong. We have the story and the audio.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is one of the network’s “Republicans.” She also is called a journalist. So how does this “Republican journalist” talk about the Democrats running for president? We have the audio, and a towel to wipe up the drool.

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