On today’s podcast we talk about how the Democrats and the media are manipulating the coverage of the transcripts being released this week. Also, MSNBC had on Jerry Springer to talk about how President Trump is damaging civility in the country, ABC News is hot on the trail of whoever leaked the video of one of their reporters complaining they’d spiked a story on Jeffrey Epstein, the 7-year-old boy whose mother insisted he was a trans-girl chooses to live as a boy, and religious liberty is under attack again from the left.

Everyday there’s a new “bombshell” in the Ukraine investigation that ends up being nothing when you actually hear the truth, and yesterday was no different. The latest “star witness” is Bill Taylor, who didn’t see or hear anything firsthand and got some of his information from the New York Times. Another dud.

MSNBC had the king of sleaze TV on to blame Donald Trump for the lack of civility in society and politics. It was possibly the least self-aware moment in the history of television. We have the unbelievable audio.ABC News is hot on the trail…of whoever leaked a video that embarrassed the network by exposing their failure to report on the Jeffrey Epstein story 3 years ago. Suddenly a news organization doesn’t like leakers or whistleblowers. We discuss.

A court in New York has blocked a new Health and Human Services rule that would have protected medical professionals with religious objections to abortion from being forced to perform them. Yet another blow to religious liberty from the left.

The 7-year-old Texas boy whose mother insisted was transgender has, once allowed to make his own choice, chosen to live as a boy. It’s a victory for sanity.

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