On today’s show we talk about the anger from liberal journalists about being held to the standards they hold everyone else to. Also, a one-term, backbench former congressman-turned-failed-radio-host is challenging President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination; CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks Trump is mentally unfit for office while Joe Biden continues to show he might not be.

Rather than a serious campaign kickoff with a crowd of supporters, former Rep. Joe Walsh went on “This Week” to announce his candidacy. It was welcome news in liberal newsrooms, while the American people who heard about it had one question on their lips: ‘Who?’ We have the audio and explain why there was no formal campaign event (he likely couldn’t gather a crowd).

The New York Times is very upset that conservatives are searching social media posts of liberal journalists and digging up past racist/sexist/anti-Semitic/embarrassing things their employees have said. In essence, liberals do not want to be treated the way they’ve treated every conservative — both public and private citizens — for the last decade. We get into all of it.

Brian Stelter had a psychiatrist on his show who thinks calling Trump ‘crazy’ is an insult to crazy people and the president could be responsible for more deaths than Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Adolf Hitler. Stelter offered no rebuttal or follow-up question, claiming he wasn’t able to hear the comments. That doesn’t explain why no one who works on the show told him either at the time or during a commercial break.

Stelter also thinks his idea that the president is mentally unfit for office is something the media needs to focus on more. To make his case, he relies on comments from noted Trump haters. Seems Stelter’s “analysis” is as unbiased as his employer’s reporting.

Speaking of mental-fitness issues, Joe Biden’s gaffes continue to pile up. Over the weekend, the former vice president didn’t know what state he was in, and he wondered aloud what would’ve happened if former President Barack Obama had been assassinated. We have all the audio.

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