On today’s podcast we discuss reports that the Attorney General disagrees with what is supposed to be one of the main conclusions of the upcoming Inspector General’s report and what it means, if it’s even true. Also, the Trump campaign has revoked the credentials of Bloomberg News for very good reason and the New York Times is outraged, Rob Reiner equates evangelicals with racists while another actor calls for the end of capitalism, Joe Biden shows his age, more legal graft in Congress, and CBS News wants Facebook to silence politicians they don’t like.

Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly disagrees with the Inspector General of the Justice Department in a key conclusion in the upcoming report on the origins of the investigation of the Trump campaign. What will it mean and is the Spygate investigation coming to an end? We have the answers.

Bloomberg News has been blacklisted by the Trump campaign thanks to their announcement that they won’t be doing any investigating of their owner or any other Democrat running for president, but will continue to investigate President Trump. The establishment media is not happy.

Director Rob Reiner compares evangelicals with white supremacists and another Hollywood millionaire calls for the end of capitalism, while Joe Biden launches the “No Malarkey” bus tour, and CBS News really wants Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to silence politicians they don’t like, but he refuses. We cover a lot of ground on the show today.

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