On today’s podcast we recap the unprovoked attack by Hillary Clinton on Tulsi Gabbard and give it some history. Also, Mitt Romney is exposed as having a fake Twitter account he uses to defend himself anonymously, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez embraces full communism in her speech endorsing Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton accused Congresswoman and Army Reserve Major Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian agent. Why? In 2016, when Hillary had the DNC working to ensure she won the nomination from Bernie Sanders, Gabbard resigned from the DNC’s leadership over how they were stacking the deck to favor Clinton and endorsed Sanders. And Clintons hold grudges. Now Hillary is going so far as to drop out of a conference where she and Gabbard were both supposed to speak. So much for the “elder statesperson” role. We have all the audio and details.
Mitt Romney admitted to the Atlantic that he had a fake Twitter account he used to defend himself against critics. It didn’t take long before that account, under the name “Pierre Delecto,” was discovered and it’s every bit as pathetic as you’d expect. Even anonymously, Romney is weak at defending himself. We have the story.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially endorsed Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn over the weekend, which should surprise no one. What was shocking was how she made a strong case for school choice, even though she didn’t mean to. She also embraced full communism, which should also come as a surprise to no one. She speaks with authority and confidence from a place of ignorance and isn’t bothered by any of it. We have all the audio and analysis.

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