On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we talk with Jerome Hudson, entertainment editor at Bretibart, about his new book, “50 Things They Don’t Want You To Know.” We also get into the media’s continued hysteria over President Donald Trump, how “journalists” are rushing to excuse Congressman Adam Schiff’s lying to them, how Maxine Waters gets a dose of her own medicine, and how an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez town hall turned into a call for cannibalizing babies.

Journalists who gleefully accuse the president of lying if he’s one degree off on the temperature outside are falling all over themselves to absolve Rep. Adam Schiff of lying to them over his knowledge about the so-called whistleblower report before it was filed. Sam Stein and Ken Dilanian, both NBC News employees, twisted themselves into pretzels to justify Schiff’s lying. Meanwhile, Chuck Todd got emotional talking about the president openly calling for corruption investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden. All around, it was a pathetic display and a sad day for what is left of journalism.

Rep. Maxine Waters, who just a few months ago called on liberals to harass anyone associated with the president they happen to see them in public, is now complaining that she can’t go in public without security because people harass her. And an unhinged woman at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s town hall was so concerned about climate change and CO2 emissions that she called for people to start eating babies to save the planet. Ocasio-Cortez was unfazed and didn’t call out the idea as insane. We have the insane audio of all of it.

We also talk with Jerome Hudson about his new book and dig into the 50 things liberals don’t want the American public to know. It’s an interesting and fun interview.

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