How should we analyze the economic policies advanced by the Biden Administration? What are the possible effects of the trillions of dollars in government spending and the various programs proposed by the administration? What is America’s overall economic outlook coming out of the pandemic—and how might things play out under various scenarios? Joining us to consider these questions is American Enterprise Institute scholar Stan Veuger. Analyzing Biden’s economic agenda, Veuger and Kristol address the paradox that it is both extraordinarily large in scale but doesn’t create large structural changes to the economy, as would the institution of single-payer healthcare, for example. Veuger reflects on the degree to which the territory we face in fiscal policy is uncharted: the extent of domestic spending, outside of a crisis, without sufficient tax revenue to pay for it. Veuger also addresses topics ranging from the threat of inflation to where things stand in our politics relative to immigration and trade.

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  1. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    This was very useful for understanding Biden administration rationales for their actions.  They can make it sound sensible but with some risks.  This guy acknowledges the risks but downplays them. He is contemptuous towards Republican trade and immigration approaches. 
    It was worrying in terms of his credibility that he attempted to give credit for the UK rebound in the 1980’s to entry into the EU.  Amazingly, Kristol called him on it, and uttered the name Thatcher in a positive manner.  The assume that anyone who wants to pal around with EU upper level bureaucrats can never use “Thatcher” as anything but an epithet.  At the end they bonded with some Republican bashing, but overall I found the podcast useful and well done. 

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