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I just thought folks here would sleep more soundly knowing this, courtesy of the National Science Foundation. Actually it continues with a study group until adolescence, to possibly verify early signs that kids who get a lot of support in the family feel better about themselves. At least until they hit the real world. Well, […]

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Fear Not, Congressional Lechers — Help Is on the Way!


According to this article in the Washington Post, the House is beginning “important steps” to require members and staff to undergo mandatory training to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination. The Senate is expected to follow suit (paradoxically, in an effort to forestall suits, I suppose).

Both Republicans and Democrats are getting behind (can I say behind?) efforts to stop these boobs from embarrassing themselves and their once-respected and hallowed halls and institutions any more than they already have.

Yes, indeed. A training session a few hours long, imposed upon the likes of John Conyers and Al Franken, reminding them that it is not ok to hold meetings with their staffers while wearing only their underwear, or that any sort of photograph where they appear to be about to grab the breasts of a sleeping woman is in spectacularly bad taste, will fix them right up. All the morals, ethics, common sense and wisdom that they either weren’t born with, or that they’ve failed to acquire during their succeeding 88 and 66 years (respectively) on this earth, will suddenly burst into their heads fully-formed, like Minerva in reverse.