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Your Government Inaction: Not Everywhere a Sign


Due to inaction by the local government, the citizens of Austin, Texas actually did something to address their drug-addled bum problem.  An initiative was passed by a large majority to ban camping in public places.  Of course, it is still up to the highly competent and efficient public officials in the city to make the law work.  So as not to unduly inconvenience the demented hobo community, the city is rolling out the enforcement in phases.  Here’s how it’s going so far:

In Phase 1, nothing was done.

Your Government Inaction: Self Quarantine


My sister in-law was a teacher on the Navajo reservation. When her school shut down due to the Chinese Virus crisis, she opted to retire instead of being paid to do make-work. Since her residence was part of her compensation, she had to move out by June 1st.

My wife flew to Albuquerque to help her sister move. The scene at the airport when I dropped her off an hour before her flight was surreal. Ours was the only car in the departures area. There were a handful of employees visible but no other passengers. She told me that she was the only person in the security queue and was done in seconds. There were only 35 people on her flight.

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve given y’all humorous accounts of my travails with one Inept Government Agency (IGA) after another. From the comments after each post, a lot of you have had similar experiences. There is one very important group of people who cannot say the same: The moral paragons who want to control […]

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Your Government Inaction: The Post Office


Yes, this week I’m talking about everyone’s favorite advertisement delivery service. Until I moved to Texas, I got my mail from a cheap metal box in front of my house. I moved here and discovered the community mailbox. Instead of stopping at each address, the postal worker puts your mail into a locked box located in a structure on the street. This is certainly a lot more secure and efficient than the individual boxes. Mine is only about 100 feet from my front door, so it’s no big deal to collect the mail:

Your Government Inaction: TSA and Beer


I just returned from visiting family and friends in New Mexico. On these trips, I always have an extra suitcase so I can bring back brews not available in The Great State of Texas.™ In order to not lose any of the precious liquid, I wrap the individual beer cans in newspaper, put them in quart Zip-Lock® bags, then put three or four at a time in gallon freezer bags.

I’ve been doing this for several years without incident or spillage. In March, the Southwest Airlines® desk agent asked why my case was so heavy. When I showed him, he bawled me out for not putting enough padding around the cans. He made me wrap my clothing around the gallon bags and slapped a “FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE” sticker on the side of my suitcase.

So this time, I put the double-bagged cans in padded carriers. When I arrived home and opened the suitcase, everything fell out in a heap. All of the cans of beer had been removed from the closed carriers and sealed bags, then returned higgity-piggity. None of the plastic bags had been resealed, and the zippered partition between the halves of the suitcase had not been closed. There was a slip of paper in the case stating, “You’ve been inspected, have no fear.” Apparently, TSAIGA is not concerned about beer spilling all over the interior of the airplane cargo hold.