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Why are Leftist women so angry? Obviously trying to nullify 60 million or so votes is hard work, I get that. I watched the entire hearing today and there were moments that my eye’s started to glaze over several times during this sideshow. Jonathan Turley smiled at times, but the three Leftist activist law professors were grim and humorless. They were hardly happy warriors. They were actually poster children for recreational marijuana use and a government-provided Lava Lamp. Stare at the lamp, take a deep breath, and relax. Have another brownie.

Yep, I’m a deplorable, but I know when I’m being fed nonsense. My favorite moment was when Barron Trump was dragged into the fray. This woman has some serious anger issues. Notre Dame has Law Professor Amy Coney Barrett, Stanford has Pamela Karlan. Remember that when your kid wants to go to a law school.


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Watching and listening to the questions and statements made by the senators during the Barr inquisition brought back memories of interviews I conducted with the usual suspects on the streets. At one point, when Sen. Mazie Hirono (D–HI) spoke, I moved within inches of the television screen. My wife asked me what I was doing. I told her to give me a moment I’m trying to find the lobotomy scar.

Obviously the evidentiary standards of some senators is rather low. The search for truth requires some digging, but like any shovel-ready government project, one person digs for the truth and another person is just as busy filling the same hole as fast they can.


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Claims of papal plausible deniability about clerics with histories of sexual predation are wearing thin with the Catholic faithful. One would have thought that after the Cardinal McCarrick revelations from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò back in August of 2017, which was shocking and disheartening enough for the Catholic faithful, that the pope would act in […]

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