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Only The Real Rick and Morty Can Save Us.


I’ll start by saying that my intention here is not to get anybody on the site to become a regular viewer of a raunchy SciFi cartoon, but I recommend reading the post below – and if you have time, watch the clips I carefully picked (in total, they shouldn’t take up more than 8 minutes). Rick and Morty is a show about God’s dislike for the blindly religious; meaning, of course, bureaucrats.

Music That Makes Me Thankful That I Met Conservatives


I joined Ricochet for a simple reason; they were putting out a product worth supporting. Rob Long’s pitches about the content behind the paywall left me unconvinced – sorry, Rob. I can’t recall how long it was before I begin lurking around the right Feed, but I know where I first started participating: Ricochet’s “What Are Listening To” group. My little experience with conservatives growing up left me with the impression that these people don’t care much about art – or art people are interested in, anyway. I still don’t think I’m wrong about the right as a whole, but I guess Ricochet isn’t all that normal.

Here is some of the great pop music that I’d likely have never encountered had I not joined this site. (I’m intentionally excluding the excellent tunes I’ve heard since Clifford Brown decided to gift us with this Group Writing theme.)

Member Post


This is an extension of a little convo we had in The Ricochet Film Society group. (Come hang out with us!) I was mostly inspired to start it because there would certainly be a response, but if all were right in the world, this would be an uncontroversial opinion. I use the word uncontroversial only […]

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