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…features the rightly celebrated bassist Charles Mingus with his sextet, recorded in 1964 during their European tour. This recording is perhaps the longest I’ve posted yet (over 2 hours) and integrates footage from concerts in Belgium, Norway, and Sweden.  Charles Mingus Sextet in Europe, 1964 – YouTube Preview Open

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Billionaires … In … Space!


A rendering of the “nanocraft” that would be sent as part of Breakthrough Starshot. The lightsail is about a meter wide. The starchip is the little dot in the center.

A Russian oligarch, Mark Zuckerberg, and Stephen Hawking walk into a bar… No this isn’t a joke, but a pretty cool space proposal. Their idea is to launch a fleet of laser-propelled “nanocrafts” that would swarm to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, in a 20-year voyage. It would take about four more years for the mini-probes to transmit photos and readings back to earth.