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I heard a story on the news this morning, about a horrible atrocity; the sort of gut-churning brutality that normally gets splashy news coverage just because “it bleeds.”  I was listening to the radio on my way to work, so when I got there I did a quick internet search.  Sure enough, as I had […]

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ISIS and Religious Genocide in the Mideast


ShowImageNina Shea, the director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, gives a devastating account of this reality at National Review Online:

The Islamist genocide — and there can be no doubt that it is genocide, despite world silence – of the Christians, Yazidis, Mandeans, and other defenseless ethno-religious minorities of Syria and Iraq continues. The killing of these peoples is deliberate and brutal and is rooted in religious hatred of the “infidel.” It is meted out in sudden violent executions, mass deportations, and the gradual, methodical destruction of their civilizations.

Washington is blind to this genocide that occurs alongside, but is separate from, a sectarian Muslim power struggle. It has failed to defend them militarily. Now it is failing to provide humanitarian help in the only manner left: resettling the survivors out of harm’s way, in countries where they will be able to rebuild their families and preserve their unique ancient cultures without fear. Rescue is the very minimum we can do to help these victims of genocide. ….

ISIS, Wendy Williams, and 12-Year Old Girls


This past August 3rd marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the genocide of the Yazidi at the hands of ISIS. When ISIS captured the town of Sinjar in Northern Iraq, many Yazidis fled to Mt. Sinjar, thinking it would bring them safety. Instead, it led to the deaths of thousands, and to some of the most graphic stories and pictures imaginable. For example, while trapped on the mountain for ten days, some Yazidis cut themselves open so they could give their dehydrated children their blood to drink. The pictures of mass graves were reminiscent of the 1940s.

During the siege, one man killed his sisters, and some Yazidi women threw themselves to their deaths from Mt. Sinjar to avoid being raped and sold. Tragically, August 3rd was also the day ISIS started a massive sex slave trade of Yazidi girls (some as young as 7) and women.

“Who is a Proper Muslim?”


640px-AQMI_Flag.svgOne of my first pieces for Ricochet was “The Last Jew in Pakistan.”  It was about a friend I made over Twitter named Fishel Benkeld, a resident of Karachi, who is commonly thought of as, literally, the last Jew in the entire country, population 187 million. We chat over Twitter direct message, and sometimes, I wonder if it’s the last time we will ever talk.

On Wednesday morning, Karachi was the scene of unimaginable carnage. Several members of the Islamist radical group, Jundallah, shot into a bus full of minority Muslim Ismailis. At least 40 were killed, and 20 were injured.

The New York Times has more: