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Future History of the Wuhan Red Death


I imagine that when the story can be told with a period in the end, it will sound like this:

The pandemic that ravaged the globe occured in several waves, each less lethal than the one before, despite some being significantly more contagious.  Many measures intended to control the outbreak actually propelled new variants by prolonging the “soak time” in numerous populations.  Initial measures taken when information was scant, designed to “flatten the curve”, were largely successful in preventing a collapse of various healthcare systems.  The subsequent mobilization of assets to was proven to be excessive, as masses of ventilators and at one point a military hospital ship moored at New York City simply went unused — they were unneeded.  Herd immunity eventually won out once a significant portion of the global population was armed to deal with the problem as it came, not after waiting a year or more to be vaccinated.  Today, the virus exists as a global nuisance, of less significance than the common cold.