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Gigi Levangie, author and screenwriter, drops by for a chat that covers everything, including Swedish Death Cleaning, the Erehwon Phenomenon, aging in LA, the difference between a collector and a hoarder, and growing up “the crazy white b*tch down the street.” She and Bridget discuss why participation trophies are detrimental to children’s progress into adulthood, the impracticalities of college, why you shouldn’t give all your energy to who is in the White House, and how being a blank slate allows you to learn. Bridget tells the not-to-be-missed story of the Poodle Skirt Incident of 1992. Gigi talks about her career as a writer and how she’s managed to crank out 7 books. It’s a fun, fast and loose conversation between two kindred spirits. Be sure to check out Gigi’s latest book Been There, Married That.

Full transcript available here: WiW71-GigiLevangie-Transcript

Scotty Landes – TV comedy writer (Workaholics), horror movie writer (Ma), man about town – trades stories with Bridget about travel, odd jobs, and writing something weird enough to get a job offer out of it. They discuss the privilege of doing what you love for a living but the downside is that your muse becomes a mule, how to take notes on your writing, the escape of making up a world, and how Scotty’s retirement plan is to be an old man bartender with a Golden Girls kind of living situation. They cover how to talk about travel without sounding like a dick, Bridget’s moments of deep existential loneliness that always appear on the heels of unique moments of spectacular awe, recognizing the pivot points in life, the joys of road-tripping solo, and putting career before relationships. Chock full of inspiration for people following unconventional paths, Scotty offers advice, and encouragement, but is also realistic about the importance of setting deadlines when it comes to making dreams come true.