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You Will Get Nothing for Christmas and Be Happy


The Biden Administration really seems to be taking the War on Christmas as a policy imperative. First, Dr. Fauci told us not to get excited about gathering with the family over the holidays because we probably won’t be allowed to. Now, word from the administration is don’t count on being able to buy or exchange a lot of Christmas gifts either. “‘There will be things that people can’t get,'” a senior White House official told Reuters, when asked about holiday shopping.”

We know the globalist left has fully embraced the World Economic Forum of a future economy where “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy.” (Despite denying it). And danged if the Government’s heavy-handed, unscientific Covid response hasn’t accelerated that goal.  The $3.5 Trillion economic sledgehammer that is the “Build Back Better” plan will ensure that we will have nothing left after taxes and higher energy costs to buy any stuff with anyway. 

Follow Wisdom First — Then Science


Fellow Ricochet member @flicker recently shared a video on COVID-19 in one of our groups. I was so impressed by it, I had to post it here. It’s lengthy, but take the time. I say that because it involves your health, well-being, and our collective future. It was encouraging, if that word can ever coincide with this nasty pandemic. It features Dr. Robert Malone, a creator of the mRNA technology, a delivery system of medicine that has and will continue to revolutionize treating many diseases with a targeted approach.

The other person is someone called Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. While his field is veterinary medicine, he is so full of wisdom in the study of this virus and contributes tremendous amounts of insight into its evolution and treatment options at this point, and what to expect going forward.

The Other Shoe


Was COVID a black swan event?  Some say yes, but why?  A pandemic caused the entire world to shutter (and shudder), and new rules, regulations, and restrictions were imposed at a rapid rate.  This has never happened before.  Diseases have come and gone, but none have changed the world to this extent.  What’s next?

I heard a podcast by a regular Ricochet podcast contributor, finance guru Carol Roth, on Glenn Beck this week; give it a listen.  Everything circles back to The World Economic Forum.  It seems too coincidental how so many things are falling into place: social, political, financial, environmental, economical (stakeholder capitalism anyone?) nutritional (I know – but check out the WEF’s plans for food) educational, medical (medical passports – and finally, one governmental ID to buy, sell, enter events, travel, etc.), even spiritual changes (censorship) that line up with the plans of the WEF’s Great Reset.