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15 Obstacles to Working from Home (and 7 Ways to Overcome Them)


I’ve worked out of a home office for the last fifteen years, so I’m familiar with what can happen to prevent you from getting the day’s hours done . . .

1.) Sitting at the computer contemplating graphs triggers a brain-dead feeling.  So you find something else to do that will prod your brain cells back to life.

2.) With your love of civil yet energetic discussion, you inadvertently befriend the Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to your door, ensuring regular visits even though you live way out of town.

Fourth of July Cupcakes, Dill and Annika Style


Fourteen years ago, “Dill” and Annika were seven and five . . . 

Just because your mom is busy working at her computer doesn’t mean you have to celebrate the Fourth without baked goods from your kitchen.  We all know what a die-hard tradition cupcakes are on the Fourth, so here is our simple recipe for the fun holiday confection that calls for minimal disruption to your mother’s work schedule.

Bridget and Cousin Maggie share their tips for working from home, and for dealing with the depression and anxiety that might be ratcheting up as we face the unknowns Covid-19 is bringing to our lives and society. They discuss why you should be choosy about the media you consume, how sharing your emotional load with friends can help and allow other people to be of service to you, finding the small silver linings and bright sides of this situation, and why you shouldn’t be like Jared Leto. Ever. The Walk-Ins Welcome format might change for a while as having guests on the podcast will be more difficult, but for now, enjoy this extended check-in.