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The Four Hardest Things to Say in the English Language


No, one of them isn’t Worcestershire Sauce:

“There are four things that lead to wisdom. You ready for them?” She nodded, wondering when the police work would begin. “They are four sentences we learn to say, and mean.” Gamache held up his hand as a fist and raised a finger with each point. “I don’t know. I need help. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

The quote is from Louise Penny’s Three Pines mystery series.  For years, it was one of my favorites, and I’ve mentioned it, and recommended it a few times here.  Unfortunately, Ms. Penny went irremediably woke several years ago, and things haven’t been the same since.  (Unclear whether she suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trudeau Infatuation Syndrome (she’s a Canadian), or–the newest and increasingly widespread, mutated variant of the malady, Reality Rejection Syndrome. Whatever it is, it has not improved her storytelling or her writing, and the last few books have been disappointing, to say the least.)