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  I came across a blog post at The American Spectator by Melissa Mackenzie regarding one of the featured speakers at the recent Women’s March on Washington. The woman in question, Donna Hylton, is a convicted murderer and that description grossly understates the pure evil of the crimes she committed. Ms Hylton was convicted and […]

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The March for Losing Our Girls: Failure of Feminism


Pencil-sketch-drawing-water-glass-window-girl_1I am re-posting my story in honor of the Women’s March on Washington. 

In the ’60s, I was little – just entering grade school, as feminism and civil rights were beginning to sprout seedlings. Struggles of gender, race, and the subject of equality were taking form. In the ’70s, well-watered, they bloomed into movements of great change. As I entered my teen years, equal pay for equal work, breaking the glass ceiling, and women’s rights made good sense and were a part of my culture and life. Breaking through boundaries became the norm. Free spirit, be natural (no makeup – no bra!), make love not war, were our mantras. Like any young generation, conservatism and the “establishment” were old school – our parent’s era. Traditional family values were synonymous with anti-abortion, stuffy, boring Bible thumpers – not modern or progressive – not me.

Fast forward to 2015. I read these stats (from the Women of Grace website):