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The Libertarian Podcast: Equal Pay, Discrimination, and Free Markets — Troy Senik


Our topic on this week’s installment of the Hoover Institution’s Libertarian podcast is wage discrimination and Professor Epstein is ready for battle.

He explains how free markets destroy the ability for systemic discrimination, why certain media memes persist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and why President Obama’s pay equity executive order — slight though it might be — has the potential to yield destructive consequences.

How Much Do You Really Know About the “Paycheck Fairness Act”?


This week, the Senate has been considering legislation dubbed “The Paycheck Fairness Act.” Proponents argue that it will help women and advance equal pay, but few give any details about how it would accomplish this or explain what the bill actually does. That’s probably because the bill’s actual provisions have little to do with helping women, but much more to do with lining the pockets of lawyers. Indeed, women overall — and certainly those who own small businesses — would probably be more harmed than helped by this law.

Test your knowledge of what’s really in “The Paycheck Fairness Act” by taking this short quiz created by the Independent Women’s Forum. Encourage your friends to do the same. As is often the case, the rhetoric surrounding this bill is very different than its actual substance.

The War on Married Women — The King Prawn


The Democrats Have A Marriage Problem, so says Investor’s Business Daily. Results from their recent poll demonstrate a significant marriage gap for the Dems. They know this, and “[a]ccording to the Washington Post, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is building a huge computer database that will let it predict women’s marital status.”

That married women are generally more conservative than single women is a fact we’ve known for a long time. The problem, however, is that, while the Democrats recognize the difference and use it to their advantage, Republicans can’t seem to do anything with the data other than don sack cloth and sit in ashes. I see an opening where the party sees only a door nailed shut.