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I found a longer video, but the quality is lacking–the man doing the interview is neither able to ask the series of questions he has prepared nor to react to the answers he is getting. I find it remarkable that the man protests, repeatedly, he read her book, but he is asking her whether she […]

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Stop with the Male Bashing


Most women on Ricochet don’t engage in male bashing; this post is just what I would tell my daughter, if I had one, and what I would like to say to some of the young women in my life, and to all young women everywhere.

There are two kinds of male-bashing. The first is the kind that feminists engage in, in which feminists claim that masculinity is toxic, that we live in a rape culture, that The Patriarchy is oppressing women, etc. Those who engage in this kind of male bashing tend to believe that all or most men are bad. Nothing conservatives say or do will stop this first type of male bashing, but thankfully, most women don’t engage in it anyway.

The Trouble With Nice Guys


shutterstock_211743697My husband is an exceedingly good guy; so much so, that I am often in awe of him. A couple of years ago — when I was feeling particularly awestruck — I asked him wistfully, “How did you get to be so good?” Without hesitation, he looked me directly in the eye and said, “I’m not”. “But you are”, I said, to which he replied, “No, really, I’m not.” And at that moment, it occurred to me for the first time that my husband had never, ever claimed to be a nice guy. For the first time, I understood why I had never had any interest in men who claim to be nice. And I realized, finally, that I was not wrong for being uninterested in “nice guys”.

In no way am I suggesting that men should be jerks. There are those who will say that women prefer bad boys, and some women do, but some women prefer serial killers. But I suspect that most women would appreciate nice guys far more if the nice guys would stop talking incessantly about how nice they are.

If you are a man, think of it this way: would you rather be with a nice woman who talks night and day about how nice she is, or a nice woman who doesn’t call attention to her superiority? Both men and women — all of us — should strive to be as good and kind as humanly possible, but no one should ever claim to be nice, especially men.

Catcalls and the Death of Chivalry


Savages around the globe are murdering young women, selling them into sex slavery, and tossing acid into their faces. But a new viral video wants to redirect our outrage to another battleground of the global war on women: catcalls.

The video appeared yesterday in my Facebook feed with an image of a female and the headline “This is what it’s like to be catcalled on the street 108 times in a single day.” At first I thought it a humblebrag, but soon discovered it was yet another campaign to make men feel guilty.

‘Run Liz Run’: Stuck in the Age of Folk


Democrats know how to reach voters. I’m not talking about using better data or GOTV techniques – I mean how to reach people emotionally. That’s exactly the point of the new video – “Run Liz Run” – promoting Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Set to a catchy folk-song it’s a portrait of enthusiastic supporters carrying signs and cheering for the Senator as she gives a passionate speech at the progressive Netroots Nation conference. It makes you feel hopeful, excited about the prospects of seeing a woman in the White House, and paints politics as accessible.

Despite the video’s positive vibe, however, it’s clear supporters of Liz Warren view life in America as inherently unfair. “Run Liz Run” calls for a “leader who won’t stand for all the Wall Street bull—-;” stresses that “people think the system is rigged because it is,” and reminds us that “nobody got rich on their own, not nobody.” The video skillfully pits Americans against one another – a technique Warren has already perfected, by using the word “fighting” with great frequency – without ever making the viewer feel angry.