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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome CNN’s Wolf Blitzer getting a reality check on police work. They also shudder as the far left starts lining up for cabinet spots in a possible Biden administration. And as the Girl Scouts delete an innocuous tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett because of complaints from lefties, Jim implores Americans to stand up for themselves and tell the mob to go pound sand.

Wrap up this crazy, eventful week with the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Jim and Greg start with a quick cheer for the January jobs report before moving on to the three main discussions of the day. First, they get a kick out of Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that President Trump wasn’t really acquitted and Blitzer pointing out in detail that, in fact,  Trump really was found not guilty. They also celebrate the intelligence and military precision that combined to target and kill Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. And Jim unleashes a devastating rant against now former Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh, who has now flip-flopped to the point where he vows to vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination, even if it’s an avowed socialist.

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America close the week with three crazy martinis.  They unload on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Jim Sciutto for speculating on air that the radical Muslim terrorist in Barcelona got the idea for a van attack from watching the events in Charlottesville.  They also hammer Antifa’s argument that it engages in violence to protect nonviolence and only against white supremacists, pointing out that Antifa viciously attacks anyone it doesn’t agree with and that it is the job of police to protect nonviolence.  And they sigh as liberals start calling for the removal of statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, just as their critics predicted earlier in the week.

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#NeverTrumpAgain First there was David Duke. Donald Trump’s verbal gymnastics in denouncing the white supremacist received the justified outrage from mainstream media and most level-headed conservatives alike. Trump’s supporters put that episode along with the dozens of other normally career killing Trump statements in their mental trash compactor, never to be discussed again. Preview Open

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We Have Met the Enemy and She Is Us, Does This Explain Marie Harf?


Marie Harf box art V1_1600px

While I was uploading some large files, I decided to try my hand at video editing by taking three clips of everyone’s favorite State Department spokesperson, Marie Harf, saying that, “we can’t kill our way out of this war,” with Islamic State. She also implies that jobs is the answer to radical Islamic barbarism, that they need a different path in life. She delivers basically the same propaganda (shades of Susan Rice) to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and MSNBC Joe Scarborough (who wanted to give her a mulligan on her previous comments but she declined).

I’ve included a bonus clip of Col. Ralph Peters, appearing on Fox News, who said that, “Marie Harf is Exhibit A for the comprehensive failure of the US educational system,” which is absolutely priceless taken in the context of her remarks over the last two days.