Tag: “Woke” trial lawyers; “snarling” Trial Judges

Heaven Forfend! A Judge Snarled at Me! Mistrial!


AND- he lunged at me! I need my teddy bear!

There are times when I see an item that so graphically portrays the unmooring from reality represented by the current crop of “Advocates” from any actual world in which I practiced that it seems worth it to bring it to light and to comment upon it. Here is a person who, I assume, purports to call him/her/itself a Trial Lawyer, a term which was an appellation of pride for me, who actually points out for the world to see, that a Trial Judge —pardon the hurtful word–“snarled” at her and other defense counsel. Oh, and if that is not enough, the Judge “lunged” at him/her/it, one assumes in a threatening manner!