Tag: Woke Corporations

A Use Case for Cryptocurrency


As I’ve said many times, I’m broadly skeptical about cryptocurrencies, think blockchain falls right behind self-driving cars as the second most over-hyped computer technology, and believe Bitcoin is a speculative bubble of little intrinsic value.

Having said that, there is one use case for cryptocurrency that I’ve acknowledged from the start: it can be a practical way for people to execute transactions that those in authority would like to prevent them from making. In some benighted places, like Cuba and Venezuela and other progressive utopias, cryptocurrencies allow people to circumvent kleptocratic governments. That’s nice, and I’m all for that, but it isn’t (yet) a First World problem.

Your Food Is Not Racist


You there. Yes, you, standing between your pantry and refrigerator. It is time for a “conversation” about race. We’ll start with your food. Open your pantry. Look on the shelf. That one. There.

See that five-pound bag of white granulated sugar? Do you know the racist history of sugar plantations and cultivation in our hemisphere, from Haiti to the southern slaves who were forced to cultivate it?