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We have two good martinis for you today as America continues to go through the COVID-19 challenge. Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of two different drugs that that seem to be effective in treating and even preventing coronavirus. They also wave goodbye to Republican William Weld and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as they exit the 2020 presidential race with a whopping three delegates between them. And they have some choice words for the college kids on Spring Break showing little regard for their fellow citizens.

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I know we’ve discussed this subject a time or two this election cycle; but, I thought I’d take a little closer look at the Libertarian parties’ presidential ticket and their relative success so far. The Libertarian Party (hereinafter to be referred to as LP) looks to be headed toward their best finish ever in their […]

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NH Union Leader Endorses Gary Johnson


Gary-Johnsonx-large-1New Hampshire’s largest and most influential newspaper has endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for President. This is the first time in more than a century that the Union Leader is not endorsing the Republican nominee.

In 1972, Union Leader Publisher William Loeb found himself having to recommend either President Richard Nixon or challenger George McGovern.

Loeb’s advice: Hold your nose and vote for Nixon.

Scared Straight at the Libertarian Convention

Libertarian Convention

James Weeks, candidate for Libertarian Party chair, danced and stripped down to his thong before leaving the stage amid a chorus of boos.

By dinner time Saturday I was a bit disappointed with how my experience at the Libertarian Convention had progressed. Part of me was eager to bask in the craziness that I had assumed such a gathering would inevitably draw out. Yet to that point, I had encountered little out of the ordinary. We met with numerous campaign workers, all of whom seemed polite, professional, and possessing a full measure of sanity. Discussions with various delegates turned out many people who seemed eminently reasonable and thoughtful. As James of England and I sat down to eat before the debate, we each expressed a bit of surprise out just how uneventful the entire affair had been thus far.

The Establishment Libertarians?


Possible slogan: “Vote for the cannabis dealer; it’s important.”

​As recently as four years ago, Ron Paul was the face of American libertarianism: the wild-eyed old uncle with uncompromising ideas who got all the kids excited, stayed just within one of the two major  party, and who was on the receiving end of convention shenanigans (seriously, how did I miss the obvious parallels between the elder Paul and Senator Bernie Sanders?). But Paul decided against a third-party run in the previous two cycles and Gary Johnson stepped in to the leadership void, earning a solid million votes as the 2012 Libertarian candidate. Just over the weekend, Johnson won the parties’ nomination again.