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Multi-Sensory Prayers, Witchcraft, and the Mirror of Protection


I see another story about witches acting against the Trump Administration today, specifically planning to “hex” Brett Kavanaugh publicly on October 20. There have been several other such stories since Trump got elected in November of 2016. I would like to suggest doing a bit of counter-magic, although I would use a very different term for it: prayer.

Ricochet is an interesting place. We have many religious folks. We have many hard-headed atheists and some agnostics, many of whom are engineers. We also have others who have had a wide range of experiences. One of our members was once a 900-number telephone psychic, for instance. I’m not sure how many here have ever studied any forms of traditional magic beyond the “I read Harry Potter” level. Trying to explain why this is important in a way or ways that make sense for everyone on Ricochet, across our vast array of backgrounds and knowledge sets, is not easy, but I’m going to give it a go.