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With two mass shootings in a 12-hour period in which over 39 people were killed and many injured, concern is being expressed that we should do something to stop such things from happening again. The Democrat candidates, eager to link President Trump to these vile crimes, blame his rhetoric and “white nationalists.” People on all sides of the political spectrum now call for enhanced FBI investigation of “white nationalists.”

I have some experience with white nationalist groups having investigated the KKK and other extremist groups early in my FBI career. These terrible murders, however, have been lone wolf type attacks involving one or two killers. They are not events planned by domestic terror groups that can be interdicted by law enforcement.


David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are encouraged to see a pathetic turnout at the white nationalist rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday, and they hope the media will stop giving airtime to this fringe group. They also call on the media to cover the violence of the leftist protest group Antifa the same way they cover the alt-right. And they believe President Donald Trump hired Omarosa Manigault for the wrong reason– because she said “GREAT” things about him– which led to the fallout where she now calls him a racist.