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RealClearPolitics White House correspondent Phil Wegmann (note the second ‘n’) joins Jack to dish on his, er…fourth-row seat witnessing the struggles of the Biden administration. They also chat about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Aristotle, and . . . drinking water? Give it a listen.

Join Jim and Greg as they give a small cheer to the White House Press Corps for being loudly ushered out of the Oval Office without being allowed to ask any questions. They also unload on the Biden administration for allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country over the past several months through the catch and release approach, which means we’ll probably never find them again.  And they call out the anti-Semites in the House Democratic Caucus who forced the defunding of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense in order to pass a bill to keep the government open and to raise the debt ceiling.

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After but a few and only brief or tightly controlled interactions with the press, President Biden’s first open press conference rapidly approaches. How open and unscripted it will actually be is open to speculation, and my view is that favored and compliant media outlets and their reporters have been submitting their questions to the administration […]

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How Not To Be a Press Secretary


Case in Point: Unforced Errors by Jennifer Psaki

“How To” books are a dime a dozen and cover every imaginable topic, or so it seems. But one might think another genre would also be popular, even important: “How Not To” publications. That advice can often prove more valuable. It can at least help one avoid missteps.

Casey Mulligan joins Allison Schrager to discuss his time on President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers and the administration’s record on issues such as health care, the economy, immigration, and more. Mulligan’s new book is You’re Hired!: Untold Successes and Failures of a Populist President.

Is Fauci Pushing a Fraud?


“Doctor” Fauci, and I use that term loosely, is a serial fraudster. He is now a center-left establishment political hack wrapped in a lab coat. He must be confronted with his conspicuous silences, contrasted with his emphatic pronouncements. He owns the deaths of thousands, possibly tens of thousands by now. He owns permanent harm to millions of Americans already. So far, only Senator Rand Paul has called him and his Coronavirus cabal on a piece of their perfidy. . . not that I have any strong feelings on the matter.

Even Republican governors have collaborated in the latest chapter of the long scam. They were all silent on the danger of mass “protests.” Yet, they were all over churches and businesses. Their latest pronunciations entirely ignore or obscure the likely role of leftist mass gatherings in the name of “social justice.” Instead, these cowards point the finger at young adults freely associating in bars and on the water. Never mind that everybody knows the other health risks from the bar/party scene are significantly higher, but that never drove bar bans before.

The whole spin on young people is aimed at supporting BLM and the DNC by avoiding and obscuring the mass protest/riot events’ COVID-19 spike causality. Fraudster Fauci was silent, absolutely silent, when the massive riots started. He was as silent about that leftist project as he was about Gov. Killer Cuomo driving the deaths of thousands of vulnerable seniors with his criminally negligent order to nursing homes in March. Fauci is a serial fraudster at this point. He mouths only that which might help Joe Biden win, not objective “science,” let alone “public health.” Everybody knows.

A Memorable Start to Memorial Day Weekend 2020


It was another week ending with beauties and beast-mode from the White House.

President Trump took a road trip beyond a military port, going to a Ford plant where they converted to ventilator production. The President had a great visit, no thanks to the incompetent fascist Democrat governor of Michigan. He did his usual best with a string of forgotten men and women proudly talking about their part in keeping Ford tough:

White House Week: A Very Different Bookend [Weekend Update]


[Updated with highlighted transcripts, commentary, and more video.]

The last week of April started with a Monday like recent Mondays, President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force battling the Democrats posing as reporters. President Trump then changed the media programming formula with a very different look Tuesday through Thursday. There were meetings with three governors, one Republican and two Democrats. The president and the governors came across as competent leaders working together through a crisis. There were events highlighting one group or another of Americans affected by both the virus and the known side effects of Dr. Fauci’s prescription for America. Meanwhile, the Vice President was out of Washington, visiting the Mayo Clinic and then a repurposed GM plant where ventilators were already stacking up on shelves for shipment. I characterized the week as “from the White House Whirlwind Tuesday, through the Wednesday Whirlwind, to the Thursday Twister.” So, would there be another big-time wrestling battle royale on Friday?

No! Instead, President Trump turned the new queen of the cage, Kayleigh “Crusher” McEnany loose on the unsuspecting White House press corps. Their executives should have thrown in the towel, as she outmaneuvered the whole room. That happened earlier in the afternoon, clearing the way for another controlled, presidential event: “Presidential Recognition Ceremony: Hard Work, Heroism, and Hope.” You can hear the left grinding its teeth all across the country.

Thursday Twister: White House Whirlwind Continues [evening update]


On Thursday, April 29, President Trump met with New Jersey’s Governor and then held an on-camera event highlighting protecting American senior citizens. In addition, he found time to sign the annual Proclamation on National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Meanwhile, Vice President Pence was in Indiana at a General Motors plant that had converted to medical ventilator production, recalling America’s history of wartime production powered by a public-private partnership where the public officials gave broad requirements and the private sector unleashed imagination, engineering, and skilled labor.

It does not appear that there will also be a press room briefing. I suspect President Trump will bookend the week and start May with a press room briefing. Between Monday and Friday, he will have created a lot of positive images and narratives beyond the adversarial pressroom experience. President Trump has been helped by Dr. Fauci, a career-long believer in vaccines as the answer to the disease in front of him. Dr. Fauci backed up President Trump’s vaccine claim when NBC tried to get him to attack President Trump:

Anthony Fauci said Thursday that it is possible that hundreds of millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine could be ready by January as the Trump administration seeks to speed vaccine development.

Coronavirus Briefing Programming Shakeup?


President Trump cut the daily briefing down to under 30 minutes on Friday. He then had the White House coronavirus task force take a break from briefing the public over the weekend. This was a good pause without important news to share. Now there has been some internal debate and a report that the scheduled briefing was off until later in the week. That report was then superseded by a report that the briefing is back on, scheduled to start at 5 pm Eastern Time. The live event clock is running on YouTube.

There is reporting, with Kayleigh McEnany on the record, that President Trump is retooling the event. It is probably time for recalibration and show formula freshening, judgments Donald J. Trump well understands. Whatever the case, this bit of off-screen drama should help hold or push viewership higher today. Substantively, today’s briefing is supposed to focus on a COVID-19 testing blueprint.

To add to the intrigue, the White House just published a short video with Admiral Giroir, M.D., in his Uniformed Public Health Service uniform, finally speaking with the voice of authority for the full definition of public health. This was published today, Monday.

Coronavirus Update


President Trump’s team has come out with an initial briefing on the coronavirus outbreak, offering facts, cautions, and pushing back against panic. Johns Hopkins University has an excellent data visualization tool, constantly updating data on maps: “2019-nC0V Global Cases (by Johns Hopkins CSSE). CNET has a fact-based story, with lots of links, that is being regularly updated; it is now titled: “Coronavirus cases pass 11,000, US declares emergency: Everything we know.”

This was a display of competent communication to the American public, treated as adults. Dr. Redfield gave the numbers. Dr. Fauci then explained the question posed by people on Ricochet, including me: why is this different from the well-known annual deaths from the seasonal flu?* With the numbers and the differentiation in place, the briefers laid out a series of screening and quarantine steps that will go into full effect Sunday. Anyone who has been in the province where the outbreak started will be quarantined for 14 days, while those coming from other areas with known infections would be screened and then go into “self-quarantine.” They were also careful to speak of sympathy and compassion for the Chinese people who have been affected, directly or with family losses.

Here is the video and the whole transcript, of the press briefing, followed by the text of the presidential proclamation. Both the transcript and the proclamation are posted on the White House website.

Tired of Winning Yet?


President Trump’s White House team has been doing an excellent job with the official Whitehouse website and YouTube channel, posting relevant information, attractively presented. Here are snapshots of the homepage captured Wednesday, December 11:

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It’s not part of Ricochet’s portfolio, but I just listened to a very interesting podcast interview of General (retired) John Kelly.  Hosted by the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings Magazine, it covers his career with the U.S. Marine Corps, which included his participation in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and as the Commander of U.S. […]

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That is the headline that this statement from the new White House Press Secretary calls to mind: Statement from the Press SecretaryIssued on: July 25, 2019 Yesterday evening, a single district judge in California, based on a complaint filed by a few activist groups with no legal standing, issued a nationwide injunction against a lawful […]

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Real World Class Athletes Celebrated in Oval Office


President Trump welcomes Special OlympiansOn Thursday, July 18, President Trump welcomed America’s team of world-class athletes to the White House, celebrating their accomplishments. No, it wasn’t the pack of subsidized spoiled soccer brats who showed their contempt for our flag, our Constitution, and all Americans who dared disagree with their Lexus Leftism.

It was the true winners in life of our Special Olympics team, who were being honored, showcased in the most powerful office in the world, the Oval Office.

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This past week, as the Democrats and bitter clingers to the TruCon con dashed themselves on the rock steady presence of Attorney General Barr, President Trump did well by doing good. On Monday, 29 April, he had the NCAA basketball champion Baylor Lady Bears to the Oval Office, where he made much of these accomplished […]

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Men and Women—Champions All


President Trump should promptly and publicly invite the Virginia Cavalier men and the Baylor Lady Bears together to celebrate their NCAA basketball championships. In doing so, he would set the women on the same level as the men. The Baylor Lady Bears are hardly likely to run the “resistance” game, but there will be real pressure on players in Virginia, now dominated by the Swamp, to delegitimize the president. Making it about men treating women as peers in college would confound the left’s messaging.

Two True Champions:

If you missed either the Sunday or Monday evening NCAA College Basketball Championship game, you missed a great game. Too busy? Watch at last the last 10 minutes of the Baylor Lady Bears versus the Notre Dame women. Then watch at least the last 5 minutes of the Virginia Cavaliers versus the Red Raiders men in regulation time, plus the 5 minutes of overtime.

Punning Dreams


I used to be a terrible punster. I still have friends who are punsters, but I have spent many decades reforming myself. I don’t think I have originated or cracked a pun in at least a decade. Unfortunately, I do not seem to be fully reformed, since I just woke up from this dream:

A companion and I were walking around the outside of the White House. (I’m not sure who my companion was, just that I knew him in the dream.) Somehow, we had gotten quite close. In fact, at one point, we walked by a window and I saw a very Simpsons-like tableau with the current President and First Lady in bed. The President was thoroughly asleep and catching flies as he snored. (Of course, it was an inaccurate dream, since they wouldn’t sleep in a room on the ground floor.)

How’s the Trump presidency faring and what’s its effect on “Victorian Reagan conservatives” and the political chattering class? Hugh Hewitt, a conservative talk-radio and MSNBC host (not to mention the recipient of several Trump barbs as a 2016 GOP debate host), weighs in on the good, the bad and the ugly of Trump’s reign.