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“Whistleblower” Is Really Deep State Swamp Donkey


This “whistleblower” complaint is pure garbage. (Read it here yourself.) Who in the hell is this person? We don’t know. We certainly didn’t vote for him for anything. What gives him the right to interfere in US foreign policy? And that’s what this is about. It is an attempt by a deep state swamp creature, with the aid of the fake news, Democrats, and of course NeverTrumpers, to prevent Donald Trump from performing the normal duties of the office of the president. These people still haven’t gotten over the fact that their preferred candidate lost in 2016. They have not accepted that Trump is president.

The leaker, not whistleblower, writes in his complaint that he did not listen to the July 25 phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelenskyy and had not seen the transcript. So he knows nothing about the call, at all. But he describes it as having happened “early in the morning,” a totally unnecessary description for a call that started at 9AM. Is that early? Not really. But describing it as “early in the morning” somehow makes it sound suspect, shady, suspicious. He then goes on to cite, for several pages, various news items about Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s tweets, and appearances by both Trump and Guiliani on Fox News. In other words, he has no knowledge of anything and is using publicly available information.