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In this episode, Dave Carter turns the tables on Whiskey Politics’ proprietor and frequent Real Side Radio host Dave Sussman by interviewing the guy who is usually asking questions of others. Along the way we learn that the current mass exit of people from the progressive utopia of California means that, A) U-Haul trucks are impossible to reserve, and B) too many of California’s evacuees bring their political beliefs with them and end up voting for the same policies that wrecked the place they left. The two Daves also discuss voter trends in the African American community and the prospects for the Biden Campaign, before moving on to speculate on the best way to deal with rioters and protestors who block public roads.

Dave also welcomes Ricochet Charter Member Brian Watt to discuss his recent articles addressing the similarities of the 2020 presidential election with the elections of 1968 and 1972, before explaining how the election could be derailed or even hijacked by mail-in ballot mischief.  We believe you’ll find the discussion, and the entire podcast for that matter, fascinating and entertaining.

Two Podcasts


May and June are typically busy months for me, thanks to the confluence of end-of-year volunteer work at the little Catholic school which, until the last one’s recent graduation, my younger three children attended, and the product release cycle of my largest client. During these months, pretty much everything else — the lawn, social media, folding the laundry, working out, recreational reading, my modest social life — takes a back seat to these seasonal exigencies.

However, my drive time remains unchanged, and I’m still able to fill it with podcasts. Two, in particular, seemed worth mentioning today.

A Fine Whiskey with Victor Davis Hanson


In this great interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Dave Sussman makes a startling observation of Donald Trump and the erudite classicist Victor Davis Hanson, two men who would seem to differ as much as any in the public sphere in their character, background, and intellect, that each is “the everyman,” someone who speaks clearly to everyone and evinces a plainspoken authenticity.

He’s right. I think that, in Trump’s case, it is a matter of confidence and a willingness to engage any opponent. In Hanson’s, I suspect it’s an expression of deep integrity and a desire to understand and communicate carefully considered truths. But the impression is the same: an appealing lack of pretense, a blunt and compelling frankness, and a sense that the chaff of political correctness and poll-tested caution has been brushed aside in favor of simply telling it like it is.

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Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics interviewed George Gilder recently, and that interview is the latest Whiskey Politics podcast here. I was eager to listen, both because Dave is a terrific interviewer and Gilder a fascinating visionary, and also because I’d read Gilder’s latest book, Life After Google, and found it unsatisfying. I hoped that Gilder […]

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Build a Wall Around Nouveau Intellectual Know-Nothings


Brandon Darby has a target on his head from the Mexican cartels. Concealing his Second Amendment rights under his vest, he hides among some of the most dangerous people in the Western Hemisphere. With more than half of the 32 Mexican states being run by the cartels, Brandon, a father and family man, understands his life is on the line daily.

We just interviewed Brandon, who was at an undisclosed location on the southern border. Unfortunately, it was a phone call and only after the interview, we realized we didn’t pick up his feed. Truly tragic as he discusses the reality at the border most of the media is missing.

He considers himself apolitical, saying he has disdain for both sides of the political aisle (Breitbart finances Brandon’s Border and Cartel Chronicles Project where he is the Editor in Chief and Managing Director). Yet he wouldn’t hold back his anger over how the Democrats are using the border debate for purely political motives. He believes their lack of action is resulting in rape, disease, and murder of innocents in both countries. We transcribed my introduction to the interview, which we hope to do again down the road.

Coming Out of the Closet


I just took a pretty big step, did something I’ve never done before. I clicked “like” on a YouTube video.

Yeah, I know. But that’s not all. Then I clicked on the Subscribe button. I know, I know… but I didn’t stop there. I even clicked the notification bell.

Gosnell Red Carpet Premiere (VIDEO)


Our latest episode of Whiskey Politics (video below) joins the stars on the red carpet premiere of the movie Gosnell, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. The script was written by our good friend @AndrewKlavan and stars Dean Cain and Nick Searcy, who also directs. This movie shouldn’t have happened as Hollywood blacklisted any investment, all distribution channels and social media banned any advertising (such as the trailer below). But with crowdfunding and years of dedication, the movie will be released tomorrow across the country. The movie was very good and compelling. It’s handling sensitive issues in a way that makes the audience think, while not gratuitously showing scenes none of us would want to see. It’s appropriate for kids, although that will be a tough discussion on the ride home. If you enjoy Law and Order, you will sink right into this. 

Doc Jay from the Whiskey Vault


Doc sends his regards to the Ricochetti. He’s on a year-long sabbatical from work and all forms of social media (and is delighted with his decision). As America tips its hat to the passing of John McCain, here’s our after-hours chat filmed moments after we learned of the Senator’s terminal diagnosis. We cover a lot here as the good Doc is one smart cookie. Sorry that we are three or so whiskey’s into it by the end.

Here’s the original post. http://ricochet.com/archives/whiskey-fueled-fun-with-doc-jay-at-freedom-fest/

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@Davesussman  of the terrific Whiskey Politics podcast will be getting the story and interviewing luminaries and leaders at CPAC 2018 in National Harbor next week. Stop by the booth on Broadcast Row to see Dave in action if you will be in attendance, and be sure to meet us Saturday, Feb. 24th for an afternoon […]

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Surely by now, you’ve seen it (sorry to call you Shirley). Jordan B. Peterson, the University of Toronto clinical psychologist who has a very large following online, deftly handled a third-wave feminist British “journalist”, Cathy Newman, in what Ben Shapiro described as “an insipid exercise in Newman attempting to cram her own words into Peterson’s […]

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Rusty Humphries: Bad Boys Get Spanked


Rusty HumphriesRusty Humphries returns to Whiskey Politics to discuss news personalities, politicians, and power brokers being outed as molesters, gropers, and general pervs. We also touch on Facebook filtering conservative posts, Net Neutrality, holiday movies worth seeing, Matt Lauer, Mel Gibson, Roy Moore, and why Rusty thinks Al Franken has a legitimate shot running for president in 2020 (seriously).

A Discussion About Media Bias with NY Times’ Tina Rosenberg, Co-founder of Solutions Journalism


Tina RosenbergTina Rosenberg is the co-founder of Solutions Journalism, which collaborates with 170 news organizations and 10 journalism schools to change the culture of news. We discuss combatting activist journalism, media bias, hypocrisy, the future of journalism, what’s missing in today’s news, and how journalists can allow for a more civil and enlightening conversation.

Alison Levine: Extreme Mountaineer and Polar Explorer


Alison LevinAlison Levine is a high altitude mountain climber, sportswoman, explorer and a successful leadership consultant. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling On the Edge and the executive producer of a documentary, The Glass Ceiling. She has ascended the highest peaks on every continent and also skied to both the North and South Poles. In 2010, she completed the Adventure Grand Slam by reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, after missing the peak by 200 feet, eight years earlier. Alison worked at Goldman Sachs before working as Deputy Finance Chair for Arnold Schwarzenneger’s successful campaign for Governor in California. She serves as an adjunct instructor at the US Military Academy at West Point and is currently one of the most in-demand speakers on the planet.

Jim Rogers: Biggest Financial Collapse in my Lifetime is Overdue


The billionaire commodity guru Jim Rogers believes the next economic catastrophe is coming and when it arrives it will be the worst financial calamity the 74-year old investor has ever seen. “The financial markets are going to have the worst problems in my lifetime.” Jim joins us at Whiskey Politics and discusses China, Janet Yellen, why “Mr. Obama wasn’t a very smart guy,” his opinions about Donald Trump, and of course we ask Jim to suggest how we can protect ourselves.

Glenn Reynolds: Instapundit on Media Bias, CNN, Loretta, and Bill


Glenn ReynoldsGlenn Reynolds is one of the most important folks in the news. He runs Instapundit (now a PJMedia.com property), which provides newsworthy articles and content reported across mainstream media, Drudge Report, and many other outlets. Glenn and his team have a knack for picking the stories he knows people will be interested in. His site, created in 2001, has millions of loyal readers. Glenn is an author and law professor who has written for law reviews at several universities, including Columbia and Harvard. His articles have appeared in all the major daily newspapers as well as Fox News and MSNBC and he is currently a Contributor to USA Today.

Larry Elder: The Sage of South Central


Libertarian talk show host and best selling author Larry Elder, “The Sage Of South Central,” joins us at Whiskey Politics and tears it up! Larry is heard on over 300 radio stations on the Salem Media Network and is regularly featured on all major television news networks. Larry shares his thoughts on states rights, health care, Trump’s first six months, the media’s double standards and bias, his touching story from his book Dear Father, Dear Son about reconciliation with his Father. Of course, it’s Larry Elder, so we finished up with his outrage once again targeting O.J. Simpson, the response from the black community and what, if anything, has improved with race relations in the past 20 years.

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30 seconds: Somehow the rumor got started at FreedomFest this week in Las Vegas that Kid Rock was attending, so I furiously tracked down his publicist for an interview. Then I bumped into Jo Ann Skousen, co-founder of the event, and got straightened out. “But,” she whispered to me, “I think Penn Gillette is coming later […]

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Whiskey Fueled Fun with Doc Jay at Freedom Fest


The Whiskey Politics team is at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas interviewing a whole bunch of incredible luminaries, including Steve Forbes, Dinesh D’Souza, John Stossel, John Fund, Jim Rogers, Michael Medved, James O’Keefe and many others. However, we also had a great Whiskey Politics After Hours interview with Ricochet’s own Dr. Jay Schroeder, @DocJay. Video to come soon!