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Yesterday was the anniversary of Robert Frost’s birthday lo these many years ago in 1874. I wrote about The pasture, the opening poem of his first famous book. For those who care enough about this matter to wish for more thoughts, I would like to explain a few things I think I have learned about […]

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The Surreal Fantasies of Western Man


isis-flag-1 (350x243)We live in an electronic paradise that is allowing us to retreat from any meaningful contact with another human being.

I can now barricade myself in my own small fortress in the American Southwest and order a pizza or groceries by tapping on some keys. I can leave the money on the front porch in an envelope and peer out the window and wait for the delivery person to leave and without having to say a word to another person my hunger and thirst has been satisfied.

There are beneficial uses of the internet and there are detrimental uses of the internet.

Is Western Civ Strong Or Fragile?



There is an odd inconsistency between how virtuous we see our culture and how fragile many believe it to be. How can Western Civilization be the historic apex of human existence and finds itself under a dozen Swords of Damocles – from threats inside and out? I believe the reasoning behind this view is that, in a vacuum, human nature appears to be pretty awful. But when reminiscing on a debate with Stephen Balch from Texas Tech’s Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, Bryan Caplan points out the popular notion of dire circumstances conflicts with the evidence.

First, from the Institute’s website: