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Control the Food, Control the People


While everyone including myself, is gasping at the grocery check-out aisle here in the US when the tab comes up, I heard on the radio about a massive food cost increase in Germany. I don’t usually check German news.

While the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is wreaking havoc on grain, fertilizer, fuel, and other world exports, I found this story dated November 2021, so before the war, that describes the shift to “sustainable foods,” code for phasing out meat and replacing with plant-based substitutes. In Europe, there is something called a “Nutri-Score” nutrition label, as well as an “animal welfare” label.  This worldwide shift toward processed fake food (it’s what it is) was born out of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Make real food more expensive to buy, put restrictions on farmers and ranchers, and they reach their goals. This doesn’t apply to all those cannabis growers. They’re making room for that important crop. More on that later.

Here is another German article from a month ago.

Who Is That Nutty Klaus Schwab?


Some may have heard of The Great Reset, an overhaul of our entire worldwide economic system to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There is plenty of information on all of that, but who is Klaus Schwab?  He is the president and founder of the World Economic Forum. He is currently the person leading this “great” reset of world society as we know it. Did we know there was a reset coming and did we vote for it? Are all countries subject to these new sweeping changes described in The Great Reset,  that will impact how and if we work, what we own, what we eat, how we commute, how we bank, what we earn, and many other things that we have always taken for granted as personal choices. It gets better…..

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is leaving the old and introducing the new. According to Klaus, this includes an entirely digital world, where “computers” will run everything, and this can be done even on a personal level by inserting a chip into your brain or your hand. This has been in the plan for some time.  Here is Klaus in his own words five years ago – 2016:

Member Post


I missed the Biden speech today. If you did, here it is linked: He opened his anticipated Afghanistan press conference today to the American audience, as well as the rest of the world with this WEF slogan!  The “Build Back Better” mantra has been mouthed by many world leaders over the last 18 months (right […]

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