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Confessions of a Walking Faux Pas


I’ve been reading with amusement these online collections of “First Dates that Went Wrong,” or “Wedding Disasters.” Unfortunately, my enjoyment calls for a dose of humility, because it seems like any time I’m invited to a social gathering, I do something awkward and difficult to explain away. Here are several gaffes from which I’ve recovered enough to feel comfortable sharing:

Wedding Fumbles:  This rural wedding was a bit of a drive, but as usual, I thought I had plenty of time. Then I found myself rushing to the grocery store to pick up the strawberries for the ice cream topping I’d signed up for and grab a card. Unfortunately, I dropped the carton of strawberries inside Wal-Mart and they rolled out on the floor. I picked them up, drove tensely out of town to the wedding site, and showed up breathless to help the now stressed food coordinator cut up the strawberries. I explained about dropping them, but this being Montana, the wedding helpers said that was fine, and we just washed them and used them anyway. I probably did find my seat in the outdoor ceremony on time. But when I went to sign the card  . . . I happened to look closely and saw that the couple would not be receiving a written congratulations from me, as in my haste, I had selected a warm well wishes for an anniversary. One of the kitchen helpers remarked to me that the strawberries were very good on that ice cream.

A Day in May


Janet on our wedding day.

It was a day in May, 43 years ago. I did not realize it at the time, but it would be the most important day of my life, save for the day I entered my life. Not because it was the best day of my life, or the happiest day. Rather it was the day that led to the best and happiest days of my life and equally inexorably to the saddest and worst day of my life.

On May 7, 1977, I married my spouse of over 40 years, Janet. Longtime members of Ricochet might remember her as Quilter.