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‘I Can’t Go into Sources and Methods….’


There is truly an extraordinary exchange between Ted Cruz and the FBI’s Jill Sanborn in a Senate hearing. Ted Cruz repeatedly asks Miss Sanborn about Ray Epps and other possible FBI agents’ involvement promoting the January 6 riot in the Capitol.

Video shows Ray Epps, among other things, encouraging unlawful entry into the Capitol building, yet he has never been prosecuted. Why?

GOP Hits Back at AG Garland’s Weaponization of FBI Against Parents Good and Hard


Surely Attorney General Merrick Garland knows his authoritarian order to sic the FBI on parents who object to the teaching of critical race theory to their children and forced mask mandates was wrong. Obviously, he acted at the request of the President. Still, a man who has spent his entire career in law knows this is government overreach.

In a letter sent to President Joe Biden last week, the National School Board Association wrote:

Here’s Proof the Biden Administration Has Weaponized the FBI to Target Political Opponents


If one were seeking confirmation that the Biden Administration has continued the Obama Administration’s policy of pitting government agencies against its political enemies, here it is.

Last week, the far left National School Board Association solicited President Joe Biden’s assistance in their battle against parents who oppose the teaching of critical race theory in public schools and mask mandates. In a letter to Biden, they made the case that these parents should be treated as domestic terrorists. I posted about this request here.