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The Rush to Destroy


Most people need to make sense of things. I’m no different. You may call me anything you like, including conspiracy theorist (and I mean that in the technical definition of the term rather than the politicized version), because that’s what I’m going to be writing about in this post: my conspiracy theory. I’ll keep it bullet-point-ish. This is just the tip of the iceberg too … I could go into the agenda of indoctrination in the schools; the fluidity of gender labels and the resulting uncertainty, confusion, and chaos; and the demonizing of half the American population for having their own opinions about what’s real. But I’m writing this on September 12 and I’m drained, so I’ll keep this one pithy.[1] Maybe.

The elites have demonstrated that they really are delusional. They really do believe the crap they dish out from their vat of ivy league Marxist ideologies accumulated and affirmed by other members of their Mutual Admiration Club who all live in the same bubble. (As an aside, I was taken aback by the analysis of George W. Bush’s speech Saturday, and I realized I may have missed the moment when he too moved into the bubble. I always liked him, so I’m a little sad.)

Anyway, getting back to our friends, the “elites,” with no capital E.