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Make Florida Great Again


President Trump has been very busy this weekend in Florida. On Friday, he honored Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon, with a second proper presidential farewell and send-off, as he had done for Ambassador Nikki Haley. Earlier in the day, he appeared with Florida officials and the Corps of Engineers on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, highlighting an important infrastructure project.

Lake Okeechobee is a large freshwater lake described as the heart or the kidney of Florida. It is girded by a dike system, which has been in long-standing need of repair. The US Army Corps of Engineers has federal responsibility, as with other large waterways.

The first embankments around Lake Okeechobee were constructed by local interest from sand and muck, circa 1915. Hurricane tides overtopped the original embankments in 1926 and 1928, resulting in over 2,500 deaths.

EPA as Peeping Tom


Big government is creepy. On that, I would like to think all readers would agree with me (as you should most topics). However, a couple of stories have recently come to light that have taken big government creepiness and turned it up to eleven. Turns out the government is really super interested in getting in the shower with us.

First, it was the water heaters. Remember what the government did with light bulbs? Well, now they’re at it with residential hot water heaters. These new regulations, by who other than the EPA, will be two to three times the cost that they are today and significantly larger. So, have fun either remodeling your utility closet or having a water heater as an art piece in your living room.